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I studied fine art, painting and sculpture in the early nineties. Disillusioned with the lack of practical tuition I soon dropped out. I then spent several years travelling the world employed in various professions including joiner/carpenter, chef, fisherman and professional busker before returning home to Scotland to become a woodturner. Primarily to document my work I purchased my first Digital SLR camera in 2008. It didn’t take me long to return to my original passion for creating pictures and capturing the landscape around me. The speed and ease of modern digital processing quickly allowed me to develop my own unique style. Today I use a Canon 5D Mark II with a series of prime lenses for maximum image quality. The images I make are not created in Photoshop they are captured on camera at the time of shooting by careful control of light and exposure times using a combination of ND and graduated filters.

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Photography cv

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